American Water Resources


American water resources, In the 19th century, the construction of canals was finished in 1825, connected to the Atlantic Ocean with the Great Lakes. In the West, irrigation water projects become important and useful for agriculture. In the early 20th century the large-scale project of Hoover Dam was completed to control floods, provide electric power, and support agriculture. In the mid-20th century, the Clean Water Act was to maintain the integrity of nations to regulate water quality standards. in the late 20th century, water resources management in American Water developed the management of land, and related resources to maximize the social welfare of mankind without compromising the ecosystem.

American water resources

Founded in 1964, American Resources Water is not to profit professionals to advance people in water resources management. AWARA membership needs engineers, educators, biologists, ecologists, geographers, managers, hydrologists, scientists,  and water policy specialists. AWARA also organizes conferences. AWARA stands for American Association of Water Resources.  New Orleans, provides water to approximately 15 million people.


Water is the most precious resource because the life of humans, animals, and plants depends on it. Most of the industries also provide water from various reservoirs. Most of the seawater on the earth contains salt water. Glaciers are the main source of freshwater. The USGS requires data about water reservoirs. The WRD uses its skilled personnel and a comprehensive amount of materials to provide water to local state organizations to:

  • Reduce the loss of life
  • Manage surface and groundwater
  • Protect water resources
  • Improve water resources
  • Contribute as physical as economic development of water resources

Primary Source:

It was estimated that 408 billion gallons of water are used in the United States per day whereas 2000 uses for all. Most water was driven from surface water and used for all power plants. About 52 percent of freshwater comes from 96 percent saline water from where thermoelectric power was used. Thermoelectric power has been relatively stable since 1985. Irrigation is the largest use of freshwater in the United States amounting to 137 billion gallons in 2000. However, the total percentage of irrigation provided from groundwater has continued to increase. 


The crucial work of the scientists, technicians, and staff of the American Association of Water Resources is vital for compromising the long-term health and quality of life to provide the best quality of Water. The Water Resources of the United States include groundwater, lakes, streams, rivers, seas, reservoirs, and aquifers that provide water for drinking purposes. There is a complex job in the United States to manage these local water resources. In addition, the employees of WRD with the guidance get the job to manage the national water resources. The regional states include reservoirs like streamflow informative programs. 

Types Of Water Resources:

  1. Surface Water:

 Include rivers, lakes, and streams. Most of the American rivers include Colorado, Mississippi, etc.

  1. Groundwater:

Include aquifers like Ogallala aquifer which require water as free from contaminated pollutants.

  1. Wetlands:

Includes that areas, like marshy areas, and sewage dams, for flood control, and provide water for every citizen in their right quantity.

Advantages of The United States Water Resources:

Here are some advantages of water resources in the United States:


The United States has an important hydropower capacity. That is essential for renewable resources at low-cost energy. This helps to decrease the use of fossil fuels and support energy.

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Public Health:

It is important to clean water for drinking purposes to make for better hygiene and man’s health and fitness. This helps to prevent contaminated water for public health and safety from waterborne diseases, etc.

Economic advantages:

As we know water resources support agriculture and industries, and provide energy for different production techniques. The u.s agriculture industry is a chain of food suppliers free from irrigation and contaminated pollutants. 

Overall, these advantages of water resources in America provide economic stability to their environment, play a crucial role in public health, and provide the best quality water for people.

Water Protection Program:

Successful water protection programs are explained below:

  • Vision
  • Characterization
  • Protection goals
  • Implementation of plan
  • Evaluation programs of source water protection.

Water Quality Standards in the United States:

Here is the table that gives the summary of water quality tests:

Contaminants AmountDiseaseSource of Contamination
Nitrate10 mg/LBlue by syndromeFertilizers and sewage
Benzene0.0005 mg/LAnemia and cancer From factories and leeching
PAHs0.0002 mg/LReproductive difficultiesLeaching from water
2,4-D0.006 mg/LKidney or liver issuesFrom crops and herbs
Carbofouran0.02 mg/LBlood issuesLeaching of soil

American water resources in 2023:

In 2023, at least 70 percent of water is supplied to the customers from the surface water. Surface water includes rivers, lakes, and groundwater. Surface water is the most useful reservoir in the United States, For example in California, 91% of water is supplied through surface water.

American water resources

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs):

Is the United States water a public company?

late in approximately 1886, the American Water Reservoir was a publicly traded water and wastewater utilized by industries and provided water for proper hygiene and fitness.

What is the primary use of water in America?

  • Public supply
  • Agriculture
  • Industries
  • Groundwater
  • Thermoelectric power generation

What is the importance of the Colorado River in America for water resources?

The Colorado Water Resources plays an important role in the water supply to the whole United States. This river serves almost 40 million people. Moreover, it faces many difficulties, and challenges, like floods, drought, climate change, etc.

What type of water resources challenges face America?

America faces challenges that include water scarcity, pollution, climate change, and aging infrastructure.

Who serves as president of American Water Resources?

M. Susan Hardwick is the president of the United States these days. 


Water is the most important and plays an important role on earth for life. Having clean water is crucial for health, agricultural needs, and requirements of the environment as well as for aquatic life. PEA is the American authority focusing on water availability in the country. Moreover, fresh water is a renewable resource of water. The United States is helping its surroundings to provide fresh water which is their right. This is   Because Fresh water is crucial for men’s health, fitness, and hygiene.   The United States of America and its Management teams are trying their best to provide fresh water to America from groundwater and the Colorado River.

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